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Martin not maisie on 25 Jun 2013
(Original series) Tadpole finally let me down at the weekend, in fairly unseasonal winds in Snowdonia (although to be fair, it was badly pitched). Loathe to get rid of it, but now the kids are here and getting older, I could do with something bigger, but fairly blast-proof.

Looking for 4-person / 4-season, up to 6-8kg, with a decent porch; single entrance preferred. Should be able to withstand proper wind and stay dry in the base without needing an expensive footprint (on which point, why not just sell the d*mn things with a souped-up base in the first place?). Obviously I don't have bottomless pockets, but if it's going to be the only family tent I ever have to buy, I don't mind shelling out. Liking the Hilleberg and Terra Nova stuff, but wondered if there's reasonable competition at a slightly lower price.

AndrewHuddart - on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to maisie:

Have a look at the alpkit offerings - I love the Heksa for comfy camping.

3 entrances, tough, big enough for my otherhalf to stand in and cavernous on the inside. Not perfect and try as i might but I can't pitch it without the zips being under a bit of stress and so hard to close but it's a lot less £ than anything else near it on the market.
ice.solo - on 26 Jun 2013
Martin not maisie on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to AndrewHuddart:

Yes, I'd looked at alpkit (probably before anybody else, to be honest - love the company). But there are a few inklings in there about stretch on the flysheet, and also some of the fixings. At six hundred quid I think you're right about the value, but it's a tad heavy. I looked at the Zhota as a tight 4-person, but was wondering if there was anything else before taking the plunge.

Thanks for the reply.
Martin not maisie on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to ice.solo:

Ah, I see why you've been nominated as a 'sensible' poster. That's a nice looking tent indeed, and pretty much ticks all the boxes. If you hadn't put up a link to an American site - where it's about 35% cheaper than it is over here - I'd be a happy camper. Now I'll always know I'm being ripped off (!)

May do some shopping around on this one - many thanks for the tip.
ice.solo - on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to maisie:

shame youre getting screwed on the exchange/shipping/import. MHW tents are nice.
north face tents will likely have the same issues, but some good basecamp tents too.

vango maybe?

(beware this sensible poster thing; i have a reputation for irresponsability i need to uphold)
iksander on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to maisie: How old are your kids? If they're old enough to have their own "room" then I recommend getting a tent with two sleeping areas - if you have a partner, *you'll* want some privacy too even if the kids don't yet! I'm in a similar situation and looking at a Wild Country Aspect 4

*Only* 3 season though, good luck winter camping in th UK with a family...
almost sane on 26 Jun 2013 -
In reply to maisie:
I was on a campsite one day on Skye.
The wind blew a right hoolie.
In the morning, only 4 tents remained: Ours (A Saunders Spacepacker); a Terra Nova Quasar, a Macpac Minaret and a Vaude Badawi.

The latter might do you very nicely. Not cheap, though.
Martin not maisie on 30 Jun 2013
In reply to almost sane and iksander:

Both decent suggestions - but I'm now holding out for a MHW Trango 4. I'll be scouring the second hand sites over the summer - should be able to pick up a decent second hand version for 400 quid.

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