/ Aluminium Crampons For Ski Boots And Trainers

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Matt Forshaw - on 10 Mar 2013
I'm looking for a pair of aluminium lightweight crampons, my dilemma is what model with what bindings to choose.

My first thought would be a fully step in binding as the primary use will be for using with my ski boots when ski-touring. I would however really like to be able to put the crampons (admittedly fairly haphazardly) onto my trainers (5.10 guides) for snow or benign glacial approaches to summer rock routes. Finally, and somewhere it between, is it would be nice if they also fitted my summer alpine boots - Sportiva Trango Evos. Is there a crampon out there that could do all this well, perhaps with the purchase of a few extra or different bails etc?

Also, any advice and comments on the compatibility and use of crampons with trainers would be great, anybody succeeded in using crampons with a heel lever on trainers with any degree of success?
Cameron94 on 10 Mar 2013
In reply to MJF: The grivel Airtech light is what first sprung to mind.
The newmatic would fit onto your trango evos and maybe your touring boots but I doubt it would work that well on trainers. You could try the new classic binding though.
David Coley - on 10 Mar 2013
In reply to MJF: I've used crampons on snow, not ice, on approach shoes. It works well with the right bindings. I use what I think might have once been called English bindings. This is 1cm wide piece of webbing with a toothed clasp. The crampons are strapped on bootlace style.
In reply to Cameron94: I've tried New Classic style bindings for ski touring boots (admittedly Camp rather than Grivel) and they were a disaster - ski boots are too narrow and slide forward through the front posts when you start kicking steps. I now have Grivel Haute Route crampons for ski touring - very light but with a steel front section and full step in type binding. Kahtoola Microspikes are the thing for your trainers as long as the approach is fairly flat.
andrew breckill on 24 Mar 2013
In reply to MJF: I have used new classic bindings on non rated boots with no issues, even foolishly tightened them right up and did some ice climbing in them once. Looking for a pair of aluminium ones myself for pottering around the lakes in. The air tech look like they fit the bill.
NottsRich on 24 Mar 2013
I have a pair of Stubai aluminium crampons. Very lightweight and fit many boot and shoes sizes (summer walking boots to plastic boots). They've been used for easy ice in the past too, although not recommended!

These ones in fact:

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