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asteclaru - on 10 Jan 2018
I'm in the process of buying some B3 boots. I've mentioned a few times previously that I have a wide foot, so finding ones that fit is tough enough.

I currently have the Hanwag Ferrata Combi, with which I'm happy enough with the fit. Hanwag also make the Sirius II, which is a B3 boot and is built on the same last as the Ferrata Combi. It seems like the obvious choice, but looking at pictures of the soles of the two boots, they seem very different :

Ferrata Combi :

Sirius II :

What worries me the most is the much more narrow instep on the B3s, because my foot is quite 'blocky' (my instep is pretty much as wide as the rest of my foot)

Unfortunately, no store in London has any of the model in stock for me to try them on (not even available for online order in my size either). Alpinetrek have one in stock, so I could get it from them.

Would two boots built on the same last fit the same if the soles are shaped differently?

mff513 on 10 Jan 2018
In reply to asteclaru:

Pretty much all b3 boots look like that just a way to save weight the last is just the shape of the inner boot, so for example I have a narrow foot and wear trango cubes and asolo alta vias they however both look different when looking at the soles asolos look a lot wider however they aren't any wider
coldwill - on 12 Jan 2018
In reply to asteclaru:

I reckon you'll be Ok if the last is the same. If there anything like the Scarpa range the lasting should be pretty consistent.

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