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snoop6060 - on 09 Oct 2017

Anyone got one? Just fitted an LPG tank to my van do I now have an external gas point so wanna replace my Weber go anywhere charcoal BBQ with something far more versatile. Without fail everyone I've asked has just said get a cadac stove. This one certainly looks the part...

Folds away small, got legs, none stick, multi function and no need for extra pans. Wondering if it gets nice and hot though? Any other recommendations for a decent gas camping stove up to about 200 quid?

Run_Ross_Run - on 09 Oct 2017
In reply to snoop6060:

Had the original model of that when I went touring Europe in the motorhome.

Really good bit of kit, for the reasons you stated.

Still got it now 5yrs later and use if at home for bbqs. So much easier to use and cleaner than charcoal. No issues with not getting hot enough and the cadac is so versatile with all the different cooking options.

Can run on disposable screw thread canisters too.

Deffo recommended it.
raincloud - on 09 Oct 2017
In reply to snoop6060:

I have got one - great little stove - extremely versatile - you can do virtually anything on it including cooking pizzas if you buy the pizza stone (around £15 ish extra)
They are £84.99 in Winfields outdoors at the moment so quote that to go outdoors and you will get another 10% off that price making it £76.50 - a bargain at that price
snoop6060 - on 10 Oct 2017
In reply to raincloud:

Ok looks like I'll get one. Do a fair bit of cooking in the garden on a 9kw burner which is a bit wild for general use. So fairly sure this will get tons of use in and out of the van. Will be worth the 75quid just to see the Generals face when another BBQ turns up anyway.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.