Camping foods

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 psykx 22 Jul 2021

What have you found to be the best camping foods for mountain days? I'm talking about a base camp rather than nights on the mountain although I'm interested in that too. 

Porridge in the morning seems like a good idea. But are instant oats preferable over the rolled kind?

What are you eating in the evening? Protein has to be included for recovery. 

 crayefish 07:46 Thu
In reply to psykx:

I tried loads of freeze dried options but eXtreme Adventure Foods/Bewell Expedition Foods (same brand nowadays) are by far the best.  Have happily eaten them every night for 3 week expeditions, even at base camp.  Go for more curry/chilli options though, as the pastas never hydrate well at altitude/lower temps.  The new range of Expedition Foods is meant to be good too, but haven't tried them yet.  I dont see the point of bothering with the bulk/weight/hassle of anything else (and I have tried on longer expeditions) when the above are perfect perfect multi week trips.


Most other brands than the above do silly 600-700 calorie options.  Waste of time.  800 or 1000 is required for days on the hill/mountain.

For breaky, home made porridge and powdered milk with coconut/chocolate/nuts/dried fruits is the way to go (all premixed in baggies).

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