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alexm198 - on 02 Aug 2013
The other day, a friend of mine, on inspection of my crampon/boot setup, offered words to the effect of 'if I was climbing with those front points, I'd want my brown trousers on.'

It's something I'd noticed myself actually - there's absolutely nothing wrong with the boots or 'pons themselves, but the front points are noticeably obscured by the front lug of the boot, perhaps by half a centimetre. Gear in question is Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX + Grivel G14s.

Anyone got any experiences with this? I've read elsewhere that the front lug on the MBs are just unnecessarily...protruding. Would a pair of, say, Petzl Lynx or BD Cyborg be any better?
Ander on 02 Aug 2013
In reply to alexm198: The points are obscured by the boot?

I can't imagine what you're trying to describe here. I'm not sure I've heard the word 'lug' applied to the front of the boot.

Look at page 1 of the Lynx datasheet. It recommends having 2 cm of front point proud of the boot. I can only imagine that the thing that creates this problem is having a narrow, pointy toe.

Lynx would probably help, but asking on here won't give you a proper answer. Go to a stockist, try your boot/crampon. Check the fit.

In my experience, the issue is usually 'wobble' on the front from poor fit, and overhang on the back, from narrow heel.
Mountain Llama on 02 Aug 2013
In reply to alexm198: Wat sort of bindings are u using? Plastic front bail & smallish boots can lead to sole protruding thru bail over front points. How about a picture?
CurlyStevo - on 02 Aug 2013
In reply to alexm198:
I take it you are talking about newmatic G14 and you have moved the bail bar back on the front crampon adjustment holes? Also what size are your boots?

If so all I can add is the bails do bend with time and also as the boot soles wear down this reduces the front point protrusion and G14 doesn't have a 3rd set of holes which IMO are really needed. The crampomatic unit doesn't suffer as badly in this regard.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.