/ C.T. Hyper-spike crampons

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Keiran.A - on 08 Jan 2018
Was trying to decide between petzl darts and lynxes (leaning towards lynxes) until i used hyper-spikes for a day of mixed and a day of WI. I got on really well with them but it was my first time on monos, i’ve only used lynxes with dual point

Anyone had much experience with them.

(I’m not interested in any other cramps, partly because i have scarpa jorasses and other cramps have been a paint to fit)

Thanks guys.k x
In reply to Keiran.A:

I'm reviewing a pair at the moment. Only been out once so far, yesterday, so it's too soon to say much (or anything, really). But first impressions are certainly favourable
TobyA on 08 Jan 2018
In reply to Dan Bailey -

I thought those crampons looked fancy in your photos from this weekend! Any other techy crampons needing reviewing? Having said that, maybe I shouldn't ask for any as some new crampons arriving at my house will almost certainly cause the end of all winter conditions south of Hadrian's Wall!

Keiran, not very helpful but I've been using a pair of CT Nuptse (that I reviewed for UKC years back) as my main crampons this winter and they are still going strong. When they were new to the UK market some were a bit suspicious as to whether they were as good quality as the big names, but mine are lasting great.
Keiran.A - on 09 Jan 2018
In reply to TobyA:

i've had nuptse a while my self, quite happy with them and well worth the price.k x

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