Does MSR Access 2 have any pluses over Tarptent Scarp 1?

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 Hillwalker 30 Apr 2021

MSR Access 2 or Tarptent Scarp 1

If you had the choice of these two, is there any reason why you'd ever pick the Access 2 over waiting for an opportunity to buy a Tarptent Scarp 1?

Does the Access have any advantages over the Scarp 1?

It's for solo alpine level trekking above Arctic circle (not snow season), over perhaps a month or 2. A second trip for me. But, also for UK in preparation and afterwards.


P.S. Currently have MacPac Minaret (excellent but bit heavy last time there). And Lunar Solo and Telemark, 2-entrance, 2.2, both of which I'm a bit worried won't cope with rough conditions at a decent altitude. Perhaps I'm wrong.

Tested LS in mountains in West Wales this week and it was okay, but didn't feel right on sloping pitches and was pretty cold in winds because of so much mesh. I was in a gale mind you and temp was 1'C . . nighttime. Otherwise, used both lighter shelters in UK and will do in central France, etc., when we can.

Apologies for long post. :/

 Craigyboy13 30 Apr 2021
In reply to Hillwalker:

spanner in the works, but have you looked at a trail star? or packs duplex? 

 Hillwalker 30 Apr 2021
In reply to Craigyboy13:

Hi Craigyboy13. No, I hadn't really considered them because,though they're very lightweight, my Lunar Solo is of a similar ilk really and I want something a little more enclosed for where I'm intending returning to. The Minaret took a real battering on the Lofoten Islands and stood up really well to gales and 'horizontal' rain for days on end. But it was also snug. I could do with that next time, only lighter than the MacPac Minaret, hopefully. My Telemark is up to it, but something roomier like the Access 2 or Tarptent Scarp 1 has always been on my radar. Most people clearly favour the TT and I understand some of the reasons, but I just wondered if the Access 2 is still a damn good option, rather than wait to see a TT appear without all the import duties. Also, DOES the Access 2 actually have some plus points over the TT 1 or is it a no brainer? Just thought I'd seek opinions. I'll certainly read and learn more about the Zpacks and Trailstart though. I did already know about them. Thanks.

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 OwenM 08:45 Sat
In reply to Hillwalker:

The main disadvantage of any Tarptents is you get hammered for import duty when they arrive. 

 Hillwalker 19:24 Sat
In reply to OwenM:

Yes, normally.

Fortunately, though, my Lunar Solo wasn't hit with import charges.

So, what I'm asking is, if I could get a TT Scarp 1 in the UK, or with no additional charges from abroad, is it clear cut that the Scarp wins in comparison or does the Access 2 have any plus points over it? My only 'catch' is I can get an Access now but, for a Scarp 1, I can't yet. Are the reasons that many say the Scarp 1 is a cracker worthy of a waiting game?

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