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[eco-TRAX rubber: co-molding means regular XT5 at the front but eco-Trax on the back of the sole, heel and rand., 2 kb]

eco-Trax is a high friction rubber compound containing around around 30% recycled content. EVOLV are the first rockshoe company to use a more environmentally friendly rubber compound on their shoes. The technology comes from decomposing selective pre and post consumer rubber waste and reprocessing it to make a usable compound.

Tom_Harding - on 21 Jul 2009
I might be being sceptical here but i don’t see the advantage of this eco rubber, if the climbing companies wanted to make a real effort they would have a return and recycle program on offer (or similar). It seems they are just buying cheap recycled rubber for larger profits then making customers think they are buying eco products. I would be interested to see a full breakdown of the environmental impact of a few different rubbers. I’m not sure after the recycling process there would be much difference.

Any thoughts?
In reply to Tom_Harding: I'm sure it's a start but I cannot get my head around the context of pre-consumer product waste being eco.

I would think natural rubber from the para tree would be eco friendly as preconsumer product.

Synthesised rubber from the oil industry less so.
mkean - on 21 Jul 2009
In reply to grumpybearpantsclimbinggoat:
Pre-consumer waste:
Cutting a round lump from a square sheet and then recycling the off-cuts rather than just binning them.
Tom_Harding - on 21 Jul 2009
Would an injection moulding type method be more eco freindly, you would only need the amount of rubber for the shoe with no off-cuts.
SFM - on 22 Jul 2009
In reply to Tom_Harding:

Do Scarpa and Mad Rock not do this already with some soles?

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