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Previous models of this came with an ingenious sliding finger rest that stowed away at head of axe when not needed.


Does the current version of this axe take the old finger rest? Is the grip on the new axe small enough to allow the old finger rest to slide up and down on it?


Garbhanach - on 13 May 2018
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The evo has evolved I noticed that older versions of plain oval shafts and those with the g bone shaft had only one rivet at the head but new axes have appeared with two rivets at the join between shaft and pick which made me wonder if the new 2018 axes would take the finger slider however I was told as the rivets are placed in the recessed groove of the g bone shaft it does not affect the slider and that they had gone back to putting two rivets in for asthetics, not for any safety reasons.

I can't tell you if pre g bone shafts are the same size as the new ones with the groove or if your slider would fit prbably best take it in and try it on one.


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Thanks v much for your v helpful reply!

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