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TobyA on 11 Aug 2012
UKC Dudes; I have a very specific question for anyone who owns or has used a Grivel Air Tech Helmet: does it work OK with a head torch? Do the clips work OK and will the head-torch sit in the desired position stably?

I'm currently writing a review of some helmets for UKC including the air tech and had been enjoying using it a lot. But none of those climbs I used it on needed a headtorch fitted to it. Unfortunately before I could just stick a torch on it and find out myself, fate cruelly separated me from the helmet. The Air Tech is currently, for reasons far to complex and dull to go into, slowly traveling in my parents' caravan from NW Germany to England whilst I am at home in Finland. Nevertheless I'm sure the collective wisdom of UKC can help me out with this.

cheers all,
nniff - on 11 Aug 2012
In reply to TobyA:

Not really. The Petzl clips that you can buy - they're bend-to-fit things - are OK. Called 'Croche' I think.

Anyway, they hold the headtorch in place OK but you need to be really careful about the shape into which you bend the hooks - I did some better than others and the poor ones dig into the front of my head.

However, a Silva Nynox headtorch has a rubbery band on one side of the head band and that sticks to the helmet perfectly without hooks.
TeeBee on 11 Aug 2012
In reply to TobyA:

No, it's rubbish for headtorches. Unless I was attaching it wrong, my torch (a Tikka XP) wobbled horribly, and always seemed to be on the brink of twanging off.

A shame, since otherwise I like the helmet a lot.
TobyA on 11 Aug 2012
In reply to TeeBee and nniff: Thanks guys. I understood that the plastic bits that hold the end of the straps in place double as head-torch strap holders, but you guys have found they really don't work by the sounds of it!
TeeBee on 13 Aug 2012
In reply to TobyA:

As an afterthought, if you, in your capacity as a mighty UKC reviewer, have any chance to channel some feedback to Grivel, it'd be great if you could mention the terribleness of the Air Tech's head torch compatibility
It would also be great if they actually paid attention - the model must be over five years old now, and maybe due for an update?
cliff shasby - on 16 Aug 2012
In reply to TobyA: I have one and like it although it dosent work that well with a headtorch i find it best to have the torch part sat right on the front lip to keep it on,also the the two plastic fixings that hold the wheel adjuster thingy on both broke and i replaced them with number plate screws.
If i ever find another helmet that sits on my head right i'll prob replace it,petzl one's sit too high on my head...
TobyA on 16 Aug 2012
In reply to cliff shasby: Thanks Cliff. So it sounds like we're at 3 to none on the head torch clip things not working!
Tangerine_Kingdom - on 17 Aug 2012
In reply to TobyA: Make that four. Either my headtorch slips over the lip and smacks me in the face, or slips over the top and fall off my helmet (which has happened once before mid-route)!

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