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ire on 14 Oct 2012 -
I bought an icebreaker Merino wool 260 crew base layer from ELLIS BRIGHAM, MANCHESTER in September. After wearing once the fabric on the back was wearing away. I returned it to the store immediately where they happily exchanged it. The exchanged item has performed it the same fashion and is wearing away on the back after wearing it once yesterday in Malham. After trying to exchange the item today I was told that it was 'wear and tear' and they refused to refund or exchange the item. How can it be wear and tear after using it one time? They replaced it once before for the same reason so why not replace or refund this time?

Any advice on how to get my money back?

After being a loyal customer of ELLIS BRIGHAM for my years, I will never spend another penny in their store!
thin bob on 14 Oct 2012
In reply to ire: it is normal for there to be some loose fibres that might form fluff. perhaps this is what you see?

Merino wool fabric normally appears to be 'thin' compared to fleece etc. Unless it has actual holes, it might be OK. But by all means go back & ask the shop to return it for the importer to look at it.. There is not really such thing as 'wear & tear ' after one use, unless you slid down a rockface.....,en,pg.html
Stash - on 14 Oct 2012
In reply to ire:

What exactly has happened to the garment? how has it worn away after only one wear? seems pretty weird to me after having owned several icebreaker items for several years ...interesting
ire on 14 Oct 2012 -
I would say that there is excessive pilling for only wearing the product once. I have owned one other ice breaker and that lasted for 3 years.

The fact remains that the staff at Ellis Brigham replaced the original purchase because they thought it was a fault and now some jumped up little sales assistant who thinks he owns the place tries to say it's wear and tear! He must be paid a lot if he thinks wearing an £85 top which degrades after one wear is good value!
gear boy on 15 Oct 2012
In reply to ire: OK devils advocate here...

What rucsac were you wearing? What caused the pilling? Merino fibres are very soft and it is possible that if you were wearing it as a single layer and the rucsac rubbed against it this would cause the pilling, and in that circumstance, it would be under the "wear and tear/use and abuse". i my self have put a hole in a merino t shirt in one day. Pilling is a sign of abraison so something caused it, and arguably not the fault of the product

Ask yourself what caused the pilling, and is merino suitable against that product

remeber climbing gear comes with a caveat that states "may last as little as one use" or better put "shit happens"

i dont wear merino as a single layer as it gets damaged too easily, good thermal base layer though for when its proper cold
TobyA on 15 Oct 2012
In reply to ire: Can you post a picture so we can see what you mean by "wearing away"?

Sounds odd to me - I've used various merino tops and long johns for years and they're all wearing OK - even the t-shirts that get worn on their own in summer a lot (so whilst rock climbing or while wearing a rucsac). There's no velcro on the pack that it could be catching on is there?
ire on 15 Oct 2012 -
Disaster averted! Product has been refunded, although I had to go to Ellis Brigham, castlefield to avoid the tool that works in the Deansgate branch. Valuable lesson learned, spend my cash with another retailer!

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