/ Is the arcteryx muira worth the money?

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snoop6060 - on 19 Jun 2017

I have a dmm flight 45 and it's great but the zip broke badly after a year and now it's unusable

It was not exactly cheap either. Looking for something similar but better lasting, like many years like a good rucksack should last.

Functionally the muira looks ace but it is worth the money? Is it durable, it will take an absolute hammering as will be used daily for everything including travel. Will it hold a trad rack and a half rope? The flight did, I don't carry a huge rack really.

Any thoughts?

Might just go decathlon and get a simond one if not. Will send the flight back to DMM and if they repair it, which they no doubt will, will just use it for trips. Such a good bag as well, shame really.

jon on 19 Jun 2017
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I recently replaced my old original Decathlon 'suitcase' sack. It had given many years of great service but eventually died. Sadly, in the meantime, Decathlon had discontinued it, but had produced two other inferior versions to replace it. I tried out a number of similar sacks but ended up returning them - too small, too long, too floppy... I suspect that the Arcteryx one you're looking at might well come into that last category as when open it basically has only three sides and so the long sides would just fall open and spill all your stuff.

I ended up buying a Grivel Rocker which is identical to my old Decathlon sack (and I mean identical - they must have bought the design). It seems very sturdy and I'm very happy with it. It's a bit heavier than the original but I don't see that as much of a problem for a cragging sack - it's not like you're trying to go fast and light in the mountains with it.
Fraser on 19 Jun 2017
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... and breathe.
Luke Brooks - on 19 Jun 2017
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Why not get the zip replaced on your flight? Somewhere that does clothing alterations etc, probably cost about £5.
paul__in_sheffield - on 19 Jun 2017
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I've had a Muira for years, and it's seen loads of other sacks come and go.
Really well made, particularly material and zips. Thoughtful design of zipped pockets and really good gear racking. I've used it for sport and trad, and hauled it all over the Alps, Spain, France and loads of other places.
I think it'll tick the boxes for you.
bouldery bits - on 19 Jun 2017
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TobyA on 20 Jun 2017
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I still use mine from this 2012 review weekly and my mate Tony has used the Rocker from that review since - a huge amount. Both still going strong BUT arcteryx did change the design quite a lot and some say newer designs aren't as good?
GarethSL on 20 Jun 2017
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Good sack and I like the opening system. Same as the smaller sebring and the original design that was the military Khard pack, which the Miura is a lesser featured version of. However one flaw I find is that with any significant weight in the lid pocked the pack will simply unzip in its entirety if you try to open it without putting it on the ground first.

Also due to the shape it will never stand upright, or on its side... Just seems to like rolling around. And the very stiff lower grab handle can often protrude into your lower back which is rather uncomfortable.

Just some minor annoyances I've noticed in an otherwise very well made and designed bag.

I would have loved to have seen an integrated rope mat on it tho.
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snoop6060 - on 25 Jun 2017
In reply to GarethSL:

Well I searched and typically cannot find where I can buy the miura anyways, so got the decathlon rock bag for 30 quid. Seams well made and I quite like it's box shape as it's like a gear bucket. Useful for playing basketball with your gear as you belay someone.

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