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jbrom - on 02 May 2011
I have a two litre Platypus Platy bottle that is about 5 years old. I noticed over the weekend that it has de-laminated around the neck and is leaking.

If I remember correctly the Platypus has a lifetime warranty, I was wondering if anybody had returned their Platypus under warranty. If so what is the processes, where do you send it to?

The Platypus website gives a rather unhelpful generic warranty and service advice page but nothing specific to the lifetime warranty.

interdit - on 02 May 2011
In reply to jbrom:

First Ascent are the UK agent, and provide some of the best service in the business in my experience.
In reply to interdit: agreed, nothing but praise for them.
jbrom - on 02 May 2011
In reply to interdit:

Thanks for your swift reply that is exactly the information I was looking for.
gear boy on 03 May 2011
In reply to jbrom:
Devils advocate here;

5 years old, remember lifetime warranty is for the product not the owner.

5 years worth of use and flexing will cause the plastic to delaminate, especially at the neck as this is where it gets flexed most.

IMO I would be happy with that lifetime, I have never had a platy last that long, but I am happy to accept "fair wear and tear" as the cause of failure.

I have only ever sent one platy back and that was about a month old and had separated on the moulding for the collar.

And normal process for warranty claim, if you go ahead, is to return to point of purchase with proof of purchase.


JohnnyW - on 03 May 2011
In reply to jbrom:
I have replaced two platys on this warranty, and as already stated, they have been brilliant service-wise.

The thing is, I have noticed on the new packaging that the warranty prmise has disappeared, and I did wonder if this was why?

My new Big Zipper, with the brilliant release valve for the tube, seems a little more pliable, so I am hoping it won't delaminate as my others have.
minus273degrees - on 03 May 2011
In reply to jbrom: ill second all of the above i just sent them an email got a quick reply with the address to send back to just sent the bottle no hose to save on postage got a brand new one in packaging within a week had the same de-laminated problem along one side had mine about 8-10 years
MattJP - on 03 May 2011
In reply to jbrom:

Similar experiences. Sent Platypus back to them and they replaced it no issue. Excellent service etc etc.
Kimono - on 03 May 2011
In reply to jbrom:
To be honest, im really not sure why they offer this lifetime guarantee as they always go at some point.
Maybe they just assume that few people will bother to return them??

That aside, it seems to be harder and harder to find the 1lt Platy nowadays. I looked everywhere in london and couldnt track one down
Kimono - on 03 May 2011
In reply to grumpybearpantsclimbinggoat:
thanks Grumpy. Yes, i was aware that i should have gone online but i dont live in the UK, was just passing through London and thought i would easily pick one up at a gear shop...but noone (inc. S&R) seemed to stock it.

I shall preorder next time...
jbrom - on 24 May 2011
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Well I returned the Platypus to First Ascent, absolutely fantastic service. From the first e-mail to replacement bottle landing on my doormat today.

Really impressed, thank you First Ascent.

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