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Bimble on 16 Nov 2012
Can anybody recommend any decent lightweight pegs, but not ones that'll bend when I show dirt to them?

I got hold of a Gelert Solo for £20 today, and whilst not the best of tents, it'll do for sneaky nights out in decent weather. The pegs with it nearly weigh more than the tent itself, so I want some new ones to get it down to a reasonable weight around 1kg-ish. Cheers.
Ciro - on 16 Nov 2012
Shearwater - on 16 Nov 2012
Get a few nice sturdy Y-beam pegs (I have these: and you'll be sorted pretty much anywhere regardless of how crap the rest of your pegs are.

I got some vargo ultralight titanium nails and they're a bit rubbish... real tendency to shear off at the stamped hole at the top end. Get the full-fat ones instead, they're pretty good.

My MSR Hubba Hubba came with some of MSR's own needle pegs... square section aluminium. They're good, but not perfect, and they're still bendable. Still beat the usual pegs though.

Between the nails and the y-pegs I'm basically sorted... even the paperclip-like mockeries that came with my laser comp are useful at holding the tent in shape when there are real pegs to hold it down.
Bimble on 16 Nov 2012
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Nice one, thanks. Will get some of the Alpkit ones I think, look cheap enough, as I don't want to spend more on pegs than I paid for the tent in the first place!
Belayathon on 16 Nov 2012
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Alpikit! +1
neuromancer - on 16 Nov 2012
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Those decathlon ones are the same I have with my tent. Cracking pegs.
Toerag - on 17 Nov 2012
In reply to TryfAndy: I dunno if you can buy them on their own or not, but Hilleberg and Vaude V-section ally pegs are brilliant - never bent a vaude one in 12 years of hard US and Euro campsites, you can hammer them in with a rock no problem. The Hilleberg ones with the cord loops are much easier to get out.

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