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andyd1970 - on 26 Jan 2013
Just looking at going from a foam matress to an inflatable one. Neoair Trekker large looks nice but expensive. I want it for winter camping, snow holing and wild camping etc. Needs to be a large size anf thicker the better but light too.
Guy Hurst - on 26 Jan 2013
In reply to andyd1970: I would think long nd hard before ditching the foam mat completely. They might be bulky and not wonderfully comfortable, but they are warm, light nd completely reliable. Winter wild camping with a deflated blow-up mat is no fun. Maybe get a light self inflating or blow-up mat to go on top of the foam one -- something like the short Neoair. If it does fail then you've still got the foam mat to fall back on.
mikehike on 26 Jan 2013
In reply to Guy Hurst: Exactly what I did.
Neoair Short combined with a cut down Multimat. Velcrowed together to make full length mat. But if Neoair deflates I have the Multimat that can be used for torso and legs into the rucksack.

This method also packs well into a 35L OMM Rucksack as the Multimat is used to line the Rucksack and give it support.

Overnight wild camp in 35L sack total weight 11kg inc food.
Couple of photo's of the rucksack but not the Multimat

I did that 30 mile walk in Trainers to keep the weight down
andyd1970 - on 27 Jan 2013
In reply to andyd1970: totally agree, I am keeping my Foam mat, I just never sleep due to be uncomfy and I believe the neoairs are really comfy!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.