/ NEW REVIEW: Marmot , Helium Sleeping Bag, by Jon Griffith

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"Sleeping bags tends to be a thing that I don't compromise much on"

states UKC reviewer Jon Griffith. He takes this bag out in the Alps. Does it survive the snow, rain, and freezing temperatures?

Find out...
SFM - on 27 Oct 2008
In reply to UKC Gear:

Good round up and comprehensive review although I always want to know about bag shape as I reckon it makes a huge difference to the performance.

I've found that ME and PHD bags tend to be slimmer cut and for me makes them much warmer as I'm closer to the insulation. Ajungilak and MHW seem to be cut for folk the size of bears and hence(for me)colder but does however mean that I can use them as outer layer bags when doubling up.
Jon Griffith - on 28 Oct 2008
In reply to SFM: Its a bit hard to talk about the shape as we are all different (obviously). In addition we all sleep differently- ie I cant sleep on my back so either sleep on my front or on my side. Obviously on my side I want a little more space to eliminate my body pressing up against the down....that might not have made alot of sense but I think the only way you can decide for yourself is to go to a shop and get in one. They definitely arent made for 'bears' though....

peakpaul - on 29 Oct 2008
In reply to Jon Griffith:

A great review and I like the comparison chart so its not all just about the helium. Thanks for that Jon.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.