/ Mountain Hardwear Quaser pullover - anyone have one?

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peebles boy - on 15 Apr 2014

Any feedback on the garment in question? Seen it half price and very tempted...not sure I can justify it though in terms of what would I actually use it for!! Seems like a no-frills bomber belay jacket, or a foul weather winter shell.

So would've been ideal this winter thinking about it....!

PN82 - on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to peebles boy:

Quite a few reviews of this jacket, mainly from America following a quick google! Not sure what you mean by bomber belay jacket as generally belay jackets are insulated and non waterproof, this jacket seems ideal as a lightweight alpine climbing shell or as a backup. Not the kind of jacket id want to wear in deepest Scottish winter as a very basic design and not massively durable. If it ticks the boxes and is a good price then feel free to share where this bargain is
edinburgh_man on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to peebles boy:

It's a super minimalist hard shell with no frills to keep weight as light as possible. Designed ideally for light and fast alpine ascents. Not as hard wearing as other hard shells which is a trade off to keep weight down.

Suitability depends what you intend to use if for:
- If you want a jacket for light and fast alpine ascents it's probably great.
- If you want a jacket which is super durable and more "bomb proof" weather wise (e.g. for scottish winter) then it's not the best choice.

It's not insulated, so I wouldn't consider it all for use as a belay jacket.
alimckay on 15 Apr 2014
In reply to peebles boy:

This review doesn't show it in very good light, especially with durability.

Or do you mean the Quasar Insulated Pullover? If so it's only lightly insulated so not really warm enough for a belay jacket from the looks of it, plus I can see a pullover being very annoying as a belay jacket!

I think its more designed as an active layer in cold and wet conditions. Although it still won't be very durable because it has the same outer as the standard jacket.


peebles boy - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to edinburgh_man:

Sorry, should've said it's the insulated one. Assume you don't rate the Dry-Q in terms of waterproof/durability then!?
peebles boy - on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to PN82:

Yep, insulated one, should've said.
Sports pursuit having a fairly impressive warehouse sale at the moment, lots of different jackets going half price or better, including some Haglofs stuff.
alimckay on 16 Apr 2014
In reply to peebles boy:

If I remember correctly the Dry-Q Elite membrane is essentially eVent, so should be up there with the best in terms of waterproofing and breathability. However the durability mainly comes from the face fabric, and seen as though the Quasars is only 15 denier I don't think it'll stand up to Scottish winter as well as say a Gore-Tex Pro jacket (which has a min denier face fabric of 40).

I think it's part of MHWs line partly designed by/for Ueli Steck, so that give you some idea of what it's designed for. Think ascent of Annapurna in 28 hours kinda thing.


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