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Below is a summary of the Latest Product News added to UKClimbing's Gear section in the last week:

[Grivel ALPINE 45, 2 kb]Grivel ALPINE 45 15-Apr-08
Grivel designed the Alpine Backpack to meet the needs of climbers tackling the most technically demanding ice and alpine routes. Never one to follow the trends, Grivel scouted the sailing market and found VX21 Carbon Composite fabric. Thanks to this tough, lightweight material, this pack stands up to tons of abuse, so you won't find a big hole when you finish hauling it through a chimney 15 pitches above the glacier. The Alpine Backpack includes exterior gear loops and a secure ice tool carry system. Grivel gave the 45 and 55 sizes a couple extra features, like internal gear loops, front zipper access, and lids that convert into bum bags for your summit push.
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[Grivel Air Tech Helmet, 2 kb]Grivel Air Tech Helmet 15-Apr-08
The new lightweight and hyper-ventilated helmet from Grivel. No more hot head and safe, reinforced with a metal mesh as protection against the penetration of sharp objects.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.