/ PRESS RELEASE: Nuts of Legends - How we chose the routes

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Chris Bonnington holding a prized Blue Torque Nut Back in 2016, we wanted to do something utterly unique to mark the 50th anniversary since Val and Joe Brown had opened their shops in Llanberis and Capel Curig. After much discussion, it was decided to mark the event with something never tried before; a competition that required more than today's current "click to enter" ethos, a competition that would engage with our customers and ignite curiosity – a competition where many lucky winners would find some treasure. "The Hunt For Joes Golden Nuts" was born. Joe was delighted.

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Are you sure the picture of the Fang is correct? Happy to be corrected but it look to be under Kennel Wall?

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I definiltey included this just to test people...definitely...

However, in the unlikely case that I didn't - and that I've actually made an error - my get out clause would be that we did The Fang just before, hence my memory was somewhat flakey.


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Gouther has to be one of my favourite crags in the lakes, theres a micro classic a virtually every grade.  

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