/ PRODUCT NEWS: Petzl Reverso3

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A single device for all rope types:This multi-purpose belay/rappel device is lightweight and easy to use. The asymmetric V-shaped grooved friction channels regulate the amount of braking friction on the rope according to its diameter and condition.

"Like its predecessor it is incredibly versatile: suitable for twin, double, and single ropes, it is a smooth and controlled abseil device, the 'magic/ guide' plate mode is an extremely handy tool whether or not your bringing up clients in the alps or just getting peckish on pitch 3 of Grooved Arete on Tryfan!!! "

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54ms - on 13 Jun 2008
In reply to UKC Gear:

Anyone used one yet?
cybergibbons - on 13 Jun 2008
In reply to Duncan_S:
I got one today, and had a play with it... indoors, so take anything with a pinch of salt. In conventional mode, it's good on all ropes I have to hand (9mm and 10mm Mammut). But it seems really tight when using it in "Magic Plate" mode on the 10mm. I can't see why I would use it on a single rope in that way though.

It's certainly light though, and really quite green.
StuDoig - on 16 Jun 2008
In reply to Duncan_S:
> (In reply to UKC Gear)
> Anyone used one yet?

I've been out with mine for a couple of trips climbing now and I'm pretty happy with it. We used both 8.5mm half ropes and a 10.5mm single and found that it ran really well with both, autolock worked well and was pretty easy going on the arms, releasing it under load was a doddle with a quickdraw clipped into the eye.

Abseiling on the 10.5mm there was a lot of friction - v. easy to control (much more so than the reverso 1) but the ropes ran very smoothly at the same time. Have to wait and see how well the device endures though!

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