/ Possible to replace 'welded' zip on shell jacket?

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Will Furnass - on 29 Jun 2016
Bought a Haglofs Roc Spirit shell from Ebay (brand new with tags) and after only a few months the metal tab at the bottom of the zip snapped off, taking some zip fabric with it. Contacted Haglofs SE, who directed me to Haglofs UK, who said they don't do repairs. Sent the jacket to Scottish Mountain Gear for repair but they've since got back to me to say that they can't help as the zip is 'welded': apparently the "face fabric [was] stuck to the zip after stitching [but] before being taped". Pic of the zip:

Anyone got any suggestions for what to try next? Just throw the jacket away (v. reluctant to do this) and get a replacement (from somewhere other than Ebay)?


tkchips on 29 Jun 2016
In reply to Will Furnass:

The picture linked is sadly just of the identifying label.

If SMR can't fix it I doubt any of the other people will (lancashire sports repair etc)
However I would try again with Haglofs Sweden, and send it to them and see if they can fix it, they don't have to as your the second owner, however worth a try.

The cheapest and easiest solution would be to turn it into a smock- to use tenacious tape or something to hold the zip together, probably tape both sides, that way you get a jacket that still keeps you dry but makes the best of the broken zip.
Will Furnass - on 29 Jun 2016
@tkchips: Thanks for the suggestions; will try Haglofs SE again. Not hopeful though after the response I got from them last time.

Also, I've updated the dropbox link so it now points to a pic of the zip, not of the label.

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