/ REVIEW: Rab Kinetic Alpine Jacket & Pants

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The Kinetic Alpine Jacket + Pants in use on a typical British day: bit of rain, bit of sun, bit of everything! We so often hear of revolutionary new fabrics that it's hard not to be cynical. But Rab's Proflex fabric really is a step forward, says Rob Greenwood, combining the breathability of softshell with the waterproofness of a hard shell.

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shunty 10 Jun 2019
In reply to UKC/UKH Gear:

I heard directly from Rab, for Alpine use they are not designed for much wear and tear use, like what you actually do in the Alps, unless you are running or walking and not getting granitised on rock. So, a little misleading me thinks with marketing and labelling of this product. And the sizing is specifically slim fit, like what you see on manakins. Would be interested to learn reviews from anybody who does actually use them in the Alps for climbing. Good concept, but what is the reality?

Phil Scott 10 Jun 2019
In reply to shunty:

I've been considering whether to get these or over-trousers with full zips and my main concern is over the durability of these. It's a nice material but really doesn't feel like it would take much punishment and would be very easy to damage.

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