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doc_h on 05 Aug 2017
I'm looking for recommendations for a watch to replace my old Timex Expedition T479029J with another watch that has the same/similar functionality and is easy to use with gloves on, inside a tiny bivi tent in the middle of winter!

All I want is
- a back light or similar to read the time at night
- analogue ( find it easier to read the time without having to put my glasses on)
- all 12 numbers showing (same reason, plus easier to read when laying down in the dark and you are not sure which way up the watch is)
- an simple daily alarm (preferably one that I can hear)

Would be nice if it was water resistant as it sometimes rains in the mountains.

I did buy the newer T45181 expedition watch but it has an annoying digital window where the numbers 5,6,7 should be and as is quite complicated to set an alarm. It has two time zones in the digital section (which don't necessarily correspond to the analogue time shown) and setting an alarm requires a complex series of button presses to ensure you get the right alarm time set and in the right time zone. Anyway the alarm is far too quiet.

Can anyone recommend a watch that they use and is simple and reliable to operate?

(Imagine yourself in a bivi tent on a glacier at 3500m in the alps; fully dressed with gloves on. You want to get up at 3 am for a route and want to see the time with bleary eyes whenever you wake up for a pee!)

doc_h on 09 Aug 2017

Since posting this I have come across a thread elsewhere that eventually pointed me at a watch that seems to be exactly what I need so I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else has a similar question to my OP.

I eventually went for a Pathfinder III from Momentum watches, who are based in Canada (although they also build and post them from the Netherlands, which is where mine is coming from). Interestingly one review even compared the functionality of this this watch to the original Timex expedition but said this one was better quality, which it is, although more expensive.

It's got all 12 numbers, written as digits. A simple alarm set via an analogue hand and although it doesn't have a back light as such it does have a luminous face which makes it glow green, much like the expedition does when you press the light button. It's also waterproof to 100m so should be OK in North Wales (. Momentum seem to make good quality 'outdoor' watches that focus more on functionality than simply presenting a butch, show off, appearance and I think this particular one is more aimed at divers, hence the bold, easy to read numbers and uncluttered face - which however is just what I wanted.

Thanks to all who were interested enough to read my original post, even if nobody had any ideas for me.
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