Recommendations for Summer Hiking Boots (Scarpa)

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 crayefish 07 Oct 2022

The old N+1 syndrome has hit me again and it seems I am in need of some new summer hiking boots to add to my growing collection of Scarpas (though half are mountaineering boots to be fair).  Collective UKC brain, perhaps you can help...

I have very warm feet generally, so my Marmolada Pros that I use in winter & for trekking are simply too warm for summer hiking (and frankly they are not that waterproof).  I also have some light approach shoes (Moraine GTXs) but these don't give me enough support for caring a rucksack on multiday hikes so give me sore feet.  Thus, I am looking for a pair of mid-high boots with Goretex liner that are as cool and breathable as possible.  Lightweight is nice, but I am a big guy so they don't need to be featherweight.  I am also looking at only Scarpas as they always fit me the best, as well as some brand loyalty there.

They will mostly be used on multi-day hikes carrying about 12 kgs over lightly technical terrain (i.e. rocky paths, ungroomed trails and very light scrambling... nothing more technical than that).  Currently I am looking at the Rush Trek, Zodiac Plus and Mojito Hike, but I am not sure which would be the most suitable to try.  The Scarpa website offers so many models these days (do they really need THAT many?) and it's not at all good at differentiating them.

Can anyone recommend Scarpa boots that would fit the bill (i.e. light summer boots with decent support)?  I would like to narrow it down to a couple of choices to try on.

In reply to crayefish:

Probably not what you want to hear, but I don't think cool and GTX (or any other membrane) go together. 

Light leather non-membrane boots might be more breathable. However they are certainly not easily found these days and I have no idea if Scarpa do any (the old Rangers would have fitted the bill nicely). 


OP crayefish 12 Oct 2022
In reply to ben b:

I'm not sure if leather boots are really more breathable to be honest.  However, given the fantastic weather we typically get in northern Europe, even in summer, something waterproof would be helpful.

No one here has summer Scarpa hiking boots?

In reply to crayefish:

I have the Mescalito Mid GTX which are a very good light boot, for walking and scrambling.

 HomerTheFat 13 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish:

Have a look at the Scarpa Zodiac Plus, I find them to be a good balance of weight and stiffness

 Martin Hore 13 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish:

I have Scarpa ZG Pro GTX as my summer boot. So far excellent. These are all leather uppers, not the "Lite" version which is largely fabric. I've had poor durability issues with fabric boots in the past so I prefer leather, accepting the increase in weight.


OP crayefish 13 Oct 2022
In reply to Martin Hore:

Thanks for the responses everyone.  I agree that fabric boots lack durability, despite the added breathability.

Of the three, the Zodiacs are the lightest it seems... would that make them the least insulated I wonder? 

Have you chaps used them for multi day hikes in hot weather?  How have you found your feet after a few days with them?

Will all come down to trying them on of course, but ideally want to narrow down the selection if possible

 HomerTheFat 13 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish:

I've used the Zodiacs for summer scrambling in Snowdonia, 3 day ML assessment expeditions and numerous day-trips and overnights. In the end, they are GTX boots but that's the choice you have to make... protection and stability or light and breezy, not sure you can have both. Carry 12kg on long days, I'd go for the Zodiacs and take a change of socks

On hot days I use La Sportiva TX guide shoes which are non waterproof but then I'd probably have a lighter pack

 CameronDuff14 13 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish:

I have a pair of the R-Evos. They aren't super light or breathable but I don't find myself getting uncomfortably sweaty in them. I really get on with them for big scramble-y type days, they feel super accurate and secure on rock.

Have held up admirably after over two years of abuse now, and will last at least as long again I would think

 wbo2 13 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish: for what you describe i'd be wearing Ribelle Runs

 StuDoig 14 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish:

Why Just Scarpa boots?

Have a look at Altberg boots - about a gazillion width options and top quality manufacture by a UK company.  I've generally found scarpa to be a good fit and would also recommend Garmond boots - a wide forefoot  and similar volume in my experience.

If your near to Altberg in yorkshire I'd absolutely recommend going to the factory and getting a proper fitting.



 damowilk 14 Oct 2022
In reply to crayefish:

I’m a Scarpa shaped-foot person too and used to have brand loyalty to them, but for lighter summer approach use, I’ve switched to La Sportiva, which fit reasonably if I size up. I find them more  comfortable and better designed approach shoes/trainers.  I don’t bother with boots apart from on snow or very cold conditions. My current favourite is the Mutant, and I have a pair of Uragano GTX, which seem the best example of a waterproof trail runner I’ve owned, and are great as a snowy approach shoe. 

I do keep buying Scarpa Zen shoes though, mostly for general purpose use, as they seem very hard to wear out and last me years. My lightest Scarpa boot is the Zodiac Tech, which would work as a summer alpine boot, but would be too hot for UK summer use.

In reply to midgen:

Another vote for the Mescalito - very nice boot if scrambling is involved... 

OP crayefish 21 Oct 2022
In reply to midgen:

I also contacted Scarpa (both Europe and UK, out of curiosity if they aligned) and both came back with the Mescalito Trek (UK also mentioned Rush) due to the cushioning for multi day hikes.  They said the Zodiac wouldn't be cushioned enough.  Nice that they both that the same idea separately.

I'd be curious to compare the Trek vs Mid Mescalitos.

In terms of multiday comfort, further research shows that the Mescalitos would be very good, but I do wonder how different (I.e. cooler) they'd be than my Marmolada Pros.  I do wish companies wouldn't offer so many choices that change so often... 

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