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 Dberrdy 19 Jun 2022

Evening, I'm in Sheffield for a week or so and am coming off a 6 month climbing break due to injury.

Very briefly, I'm an ultrarunner with wide feet and a wide toebox. For those who follow running shoes, I've found Altra to be a revelation for comfort and performance.

I'm looking to go and get a new pair of climbing shoes and keen on finding the equivalent of Altras for climbing: comfortable, foot-shaped, no issues spending the cash.

I was largely bouldering indoors (V4/V5) but am looking to heavily lean into sport/trad (~6c sport) outdoors when I'm back at fullness.

Any advice on where to go, who to speak to etc very much appreciated. And any recs for shoes as well!

FWIW: I have street size Red Chilli Spirits from 8 years ago that are okay comfort-wise but avergae performance. 1.5 size down Tenaya Oasis that are great performers but in hindsight destroyed my feet. Scarpa Instincts, at street size, were the worst pain I've ever felt.

Thanks a lot all, have a good solstice.

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Pay a visit to Outside or the Depot! Both have a great range. I'd say Outside has a larger range of shoes for all varieties of climbing.

UKC just did a review of the Scarpa Quantic and Quantix SF. Sounds like either of those could be your cup of tea!!

 Cake 19 Jun 2022
In reply to McKEuan:

Outside (Hathersage) or the Depot, or both is exactly what I was thinking.

OP Dberrdy 20 Jun 2022
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Thanks both, much appreciated. Will give them a try.

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