Sole delaminating at front of approach shoes

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Hi folks,

The sole on my approach shoes has started to delaminate at the front and I've noticed water starting to leak through into the front of the shoe whenever I step into water shallow enough to go just above the level of the sole. While the shoes are a bit beat up, they're still (mostly) functional and I can see the sole lasting another year or two.

I was thinking of filling the gap with some sort of glue (?), so it stops water ingress. It would need to be flexible through, so that gap in the picture does contract and expand while walking in them depending on where the weight is. I imagine anything stiff would crumble/break as soon as it's flexed.

Any ideas on whether I could somehow patch this up at home?


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Lots of good options here. 

Shoe goo is a cheap option and is a good space filler if you need lots.

Aquasure is much better, tougher and bonds better, but more expensive.

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Clean with alcohol before, and use tape to hold it in position while drying. 

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Go to a shoe repair place, that's exactly the kind of thing they do!

 Denning76 27 Apr 2021
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Clean the area, apply some stormsure glue, use a G clamp to clamp it while drying.

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Thank you all for the tips. I've decided to go for Aquasure and will give that a try.

 nniff 28 Apr 2021
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Make sure that you've worked out how to clamp it all together before you apply the stuff and leave it at least 24 hours.  

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