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TobyA on 11 Feb 2018

A bit of a long shot but has anyone else had the heel strip on their La Sportiva Trangos break? I guess that it could have happened on probably any model of Trango from the last 15 years as I think they're all made the same way?  I've put some pictures here as it's probably easier to show than describe.

I've actually found the receipt email from buying these -155 squids- bargain!!! But that was in 2006, so I've definitely had great value from them. I was using them weekly for 8 winter seasons ice climbing in Finland, then since coming back to the UK I've done a decent number of winter routes with them, but they're so good for Welsh and Lakes winter now, I don't want to give up on them. I'm wondering if Gorilla gluing (or similar) them would work? But mainly I wonder if anyone else has broken some Trangos there and managed to fix them some how.

HeMa on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to TobyA:

Have a cobler put some proper glue in them After which use the darn big sewing machine to stich through. 


And get the next years model for testing. 

wilkie14c - on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to TobyA:

yea, old school type cobblers would fettle them

smally - on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to TobyA:

Experienced similar damage, which I assumed was from the heel clip of the crampons. I repaired it with Freesole glue, putting plenty under the material and then closing the tear up and liberally taping it tight with masking tape. Once the glue has cured, remove tape and you have nice flush surface and repair. Mine is still going strong. Top tip....once opened keep the tube of glue in the freezer and defrost whenever you need it. Otherwise it can go off it the neck of the tube and block it.

Freesole is grand stuff, my gloves and gaiters are more glue than material these days.

coldwill - on 11 Feb 2018
In reply to smally:

Like the top tip.

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