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[Jack Geldard testing the Crux Torq Jacket in winter conditions, 2 kb]UKC Editor Jack Geldard tests the Torq shell jacket from Crux.

"Don't buy this for posing in the pub. Buy this jacket for your next big expedition or as a Scottish winter workhorse."

"No features... except the fact that it will keep you dry, in any conditions."


Ken Applegate - on 31 Mar 2009
In reply to UKC Gear: Cheers, that's a pretty informative review, but how does it compare to the Flak Jacket? Looking at Crux's website,, it seems to suggest that the Flak Jacket is more suited to winter use, and the Torq for "Summer Alpine" use.

I'm after one of their jackets, for year round use, including winter climbing, and can't work out whether the heavier weight, yet cheaper (by £80) Flak Jacket would be more up for the job.

Any suggestions?
In reply to Ken Applegate: Hi Ken,

I can't give you any info on the Flak jacket - I haven't tested one (I haven't even seen one).

I can say that the Crux Torq jacket was up to the job for winter use. I have had it since last November-ish.

It feels about the same thickness as a good, full-weight version of Gore-tex Proshell if that is any help.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.