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Boulderdash86 on 29 Nov 2012
Hi all

I currently have a Petzl Tikka and have a petzl e-lite as a back up in my first aid kit when out walking and climbing. I have been looking at reviews at getting a new head torch - maybe a Petzl core - I was wondering what peoples views on them are or if you can suggest other torches? I do like the look of some of the reactive lighting - how have people found this? Sorry for all the questions but did do a search and nowt found much.

How they have found the battery life after a charge and how they operate in cold and wet environments - also the li-ion rechargable torches - how do they hold there charge over a course of not being used for a few months? Can you add in batteries if the charge goes on the core?

I have also been toying with the idea of getting a LED Lenser T7 instead of another headtorch - again what are people's views on them? Or should I go for a LED Lenser headtorch?

P.S I have noticed some torches have different filters - in what way do they make a difference - I know red help with night sight, but blue and green filters? There seems to be a lot more reliasance on charging from computers now adays - is this a good thing or do people still prefer to replace batteries when they need to? I know its meant to be more environmentally friendy but I think its the whole thing of embracising new technology.

Thanks for the help

professionalwreckhead - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

I've had the LED Lenser P7 for about 4 years. Rugged and relatively bright, never failed on me and it does get thrown around quite a bit.

However, they are quite pricey, there are far cheaper equivalent torches on offer.

Also - the P7/T7 is no very comfortable to have in your mouth, which is where it will end up if you need both hands free!

I use a headtorch (Gamma) as my main light, and the torch is carried as a back up or for "searching" type duties.
neuromancer - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

I have an H7R that I'm considering selling?
kyaizawa - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: I use the BD Icon - very powerful and the time of buying, felt it was better than the Petzl Myo XP (this was all before the new Nao and reactive lighting, so I'm not sure how they compare).
I've not had a good run with the LED Lenser H7 - found the light output diminishes radiply (unlike the BD and Petzl which, by funky electronics, seem to maintain a near constant light output, regardless of battery age, then die), and also the rachet to adjust beam height wears down quickly/is loose, so any jolt when walking, etc and you have the beam in your face, as opposed to where you want to be going.
harlequin100 on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: The best value for money is getting an old halogen petzl duo and putting a custom duo modification in them(probably the most common modification to the duo). This is used alot by cavers and has good quality run times light output ratios, waterproof and durable. Due to it having two leds that make the beam/spot ratio variable. The version 3 should be out in a few days.

It would also come to about £90 for both the duo and the module which is cheaper than all petzl myo/ultra.
Indus - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: I have a Tikka and a Myo both of which are great with the Tikka being the better on light and the Myo better on battery life. Due to spending the most of my winter life either running, climbing or walking the mut in the dark I got the new petzl light. Out of the box this is a serious piece of kit and fantastic. Been using mine most days for two weeks on one charge 40-50 per day and still at 2 out of 3 bars, used mainly on second setting as the main one is mega bright and the momment don't need it but may do in the future for the bike. Totally great light and will definatley recomend.
tk421 on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86:

Have to say the Petzl Nao (reactive lighting) works pretty well, I've only used it so far for cycling on roads at night and works a great, reactive is actually useful!
needvert on 30 Nov 2012 -
In reply to kyaizawa:
> (In reply to Boulderdash86) I use the BD Icon...

Me too. Really good headlamp, though am thinking of replacing with the BD storm, 4xaaa so slightly heavier/bigger, but is waterproof to 1m. The icon only being splash proof has always annoyed me.
Cameron94 on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: I use a petzl tikka xp2 with a core battery, it does everything I need it too- it's powerfull enough to use in rubish winter conditions but you can also have it so that it's comfortable to read a book in a tent. It sits well on my head and on my helmet, it's easy to use with only one button (big enough to work with gloves), survived numerous drops and soakings over the past year and it's showing no signs of it!
The core works well it holds its charge even when it's cold although it will shorten the 'burn time' when it gets properly chilly. You can download softwear from petzl's website allowing you to programme your light output which is quite handy but I rarely use that.
TobyA on 30 Nov 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: I recently bought an LED Lenser H7 and am amazed at how bright it is. That's after having used a Alpkit Gamma for 4 years and having always been very impressed with the Gamma. The H7 is also light and and the spot to flood works well. Haven't used it much beyond one overnight trip, but as long as it lasts I'm well impressed. I wish it had an over the top strap though as well. I paid about EUR 40 for mine.

I recently got a ridiculously bright small hand torch from Deal Extreme in Hong Kong to use as my bike light and notice how many of the head torches they sell look exactly like the H7 for less than half the price. If the Trustfire one I got for my bike is anything to go by they might well be just as good. I guess buying from a big brand via a local shop though does mean if there are any problems it's easier to get them sorted.
Boulderdash86 on 04 Dec 2012
In reply to Boulderdash86: Thanks for all the repies - still trying to make my mind up think I may go for a LED Lenser T7 or something similiar then I can leave it in my bag.

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