/ Which crampons for size 45 nepal extreme boots

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Camm on 28 May 2012
I've just bought some La Sportiva Nepal extremes (size 45) and I'm looking at buying some new crampons, I currently only have grivel g10s which work nicely with my SL-M3s.

Ideally I want something that I can walk in and climb in, no idea what grades yet though.

Although I want to have a go on one of the indoor ice walls so ideally I'd like to be able to use them for that. Though this is not vital as I'll probably only go there as a one off. I did some research and nearly bought some grivel G14s but wasn't sure what fitting to choose! Or if they'd be suitable.

Any suggestions?

Also what are peoples opinions of the grivel quantum light for scottish winter? I'm a little concerned with them not being T rated.



frqnt - on 11 Jun 2012
In reply to danrock101: I have the same boots in the same size, I've climbed with Petzl Dartwin and Simond Vampire Speed.

My 2p; I'm happy with the Simond units I purchased. They have well located front points for climbing steep ice and the anti-ball plates perform as they should. I used them in Chamonix last week, see my logbook. They can be adjusted between dual/mono point. The negatives I've found; the shape of the front toe bail is asymmetric so you must tighten the heel bail fitting to ensure they don't shift on the boot. And the linking bar cannot slide into the front section of the crampon - So to store them in the bag included, you must adjust the linking bar setting. Boots any larger than 45 are unlikely to be accommodated by the standard linking bar as I have mine set to the penultimate hole.

The Dartwin's are ace, they fit the boot perfectly and climb steep ice well with minimal weight. But they do ball up A LOT and there is no off the shelf solution. Also, to replace the front points you must purchase a whole new front section.

The Simond crampons appear very similar to the Grivel equiv. but at a better price point. Also, if you pick them up from Chamonix you save shipping and import tax!

Hope this is useful.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.