/ Which liquid fuel stove to buy?

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floss_81 on 06 Oct 2013
Im in need of buying a nice liquid/multi fuel stove.

Thinking between the msr whisperlite international and the soto muka. Any others I should be thinking about?

Please give me your views and advice. What would you go for?

davidbeynon on 06 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81:

I haven't come across a soto muka in the wild, but I always found the whisperlite international to be the best of the MSR stoves for general use.

Primus omnifuel might be worth considering as well.
LJC - on 06 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81: I have done some serious cooking on my omnifuel. Very happy with it and would buy another.
martinph78 on 06 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81: They are all pretty similar, but if it was me I'd be going for the Primus Omnilite Ti. Lower power than the Omnifuel, but more compact and lighter weight.

Or if you want more power then the Omnifuel is top quality.

Guess it depends what you are wanting it for?

lost1977 - on 06 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81:

Had an msr xgk for years and it's a great stove. Although it lacks the control you get with other stoves it's powerful and very reliable which is what really want if I am in a situation where I need 100% confidence in my stove
ice.solo - on 06 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81:

used an XGK for a decade then got a muka last winter. its much nicer to use, feeling less industrial, more controllable and safer - but it takes more pumping to get that. a lot more. and it costs more.

otherwise, it folds down way smaller (fits in a coffee cup) and burns super clean (no black shit on your gear). it doesnt have the range of fuels the XGK does, but it does use white fuel which isnt too hard to find if you not headed to tibet or siberia.
for that matter, ive used it down to about -20c and it doesnt miss a beat. i pair it with the pot off a reactor to get the flux thing happening.

i used a whisperlite for a while with a friend and the muka is similar in output, but still burns cleaner and negates true priming, so better if that matters (tent vestibule etc).

if youre into fine machinery and elegance of use then the muka may be worth the cash. if its just boiling water a week a year in a camp ground maybe not.
TobyA on 06 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81: My Whisperlite Int. is 22 years old and still works fine. I don't use it so much these days, gas is just so much less hassle, but still - you know you're getting pedigree with the MSR ones.
floss_81 on 07 Oct 2013
Cheers for everyones input. Im in nz at the moment so Im gona have to see whats cheep and easy to get hold of. MSR whisperlite sounds a winner at the mo.
stevieweesaxs107 - on 07 Oct 2013
In reply to floss_81:
I always quite liked The Soto Mukka looks smart
However in reality its a pain the pots supports don't grip
New shiny pots which can lead to disaster and no Dina
Need to use Soto fuel bottles which can be hard to find
Need constant pumping
Sent mine back for a Refund and picked up the New updated Whisperlite get the universal if you can stretch to it, gives you Gas and liquid,I've seen them go on fleebay for £75 with fuel bottle, Msr Dragonfly is a good stove if a bit noisy easily picked up for £60.

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