Co-ordinate coincidence.

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 Tom Valentine 12 Jan 2022

If I had to list the hills I have climbed most  often, Black Hill would definitely come top. ( I've spent a lot of time on Kinder and Bleaklow but rarely bothered with the trig points) 

The second most frequented summit is Diamond Hill in Connemara. I'm pretty sure I've done it nine times.

imagine my surprise, even joy, to discover that the summit of Diamond Hill is on exactly the same line of latitude as my house, to the second!

In reply to Tom Valentine:

Well spotted sir! When I was interested in Geocaching a few years ago I noticed a whole series of caches at 'key intersections' typically at co-ordinates with lots of zeroes. Many of these were in non-descript locations in the middle of a field but I recall one that was on a cup & ring stone which was a remarkable co-incidence.

 Tom Valentine 12 Jan 2022
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

Just trawled Europe on my longitude and the closest hill I've been up near the line is La Rhune but that was twenty odd minutes away. Pleased to see that Pic D'Iparla on the GR10 near Bidarray is right on the money, though!

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