/ Best single night walk/bivvi spots in the Lake District.....

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happy_c - on 23 Jun 2014
Hi All,

After a couple years of children, new jobs and a new house, I am coming out of early retirement to get back out to the lakes,

Due to time, the only chance I'll be getting to get out in the hills is finish work, up to the lakes for 7ish, walk, sleep and back home the next day for around 2-3.....

So my big question is,

What are all your number one bivvi spots that you would be willing to share?

A nice scramble including gets bonus points, and more points for a fantastic morning view...

Many thanks in advance!

colin struthers - on 24 Jun 2014
In reply to happy_c:

Perfect for what you want would be he cave above Dove Crag (Ullswater) which sits right above a 300' drop. As you approach look for a dark horizontal slot above the scree up and right of the main crag. Looks inaccessible but its just a walk. A bit more than an hour from the valley. Hard to find in the dark. Comfy, usually dry and awesome view down the valley. You could approach it via the N. Ridge of St Sunday crag, one of the best scrambles in the Lakes - via this approach you might get there in daylight in June but you would have to be motoring.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.