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aucuparia - on 24 May 2017
I did the Welsh 3000s last year solo over two (and a tiny bit) days, from Llanberis to Llanfairfechan with 2 wild camps. I'd like to do something similar in the Lakes this year, just wondering about difficulty and the route.

The first 3 legs of the Bob Graham round (Keswick to Wasdale) would be great, but I suspect would be a fair bit harder. Ideally I'm looking for something of similar difficulty to the Welsh 3s - I want it to be fun and as I'm doing it solo I don't want to be at my limits. How about skipping Langdale Pikes and Bow Fell (and going from High Raise to Great End via Angle Tarn), and maybe skipping Great Calva and/or Blencathra as well?

The box ticker in me likes the idea of getting all the English 3000s in, but not essential if there is a nicer route that misses some (particularly as I went up and down Hellvellyn what felt like 50 times in the last Lakeland Mountain Marathon I did).

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Maybe you could consider something like this, which takes in the 4x3000ers plus the Dodds, Great Gable and a few others. It's a bit harder than the standard 3000ers but not in the same league as the BGR, and very logical both on the map and on the ground:

Sounds very much along the lines you're describing actually. I've done it over two days, and at a steady walking pace it's two very long days. But not crazy.
More-On - on 24 May 2017
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The Lakeland 3000s or the Old County Tops would fit the bill - both are excellent.

has all the details (and other routes)
Tom V - on 25 May 2017
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Did it as follows, but you might consider pubs, beds and buses as cheating.

Depart Wasdale 4. am.
then Scafell Pike and a long drag down to Thirlmere
Thirlspot Inn
Trudge towards Keswick, rest of team bailed out
Pre booked B&B Keswick

Bus to Seathwaite
Walk back over to Wasdale to pick car up.

We hadnt realised that there was a formal race covering the same ground on the same weekend, first clue being a couple of serious fell running types passing us on the West Wall traverse. I was fairly gratified , though, to see that the race competitors had chosen the same route I had worked out between Scafell Pike and Thirlmere.
aucuparia - on 31 May 2017
In reply to Dan Bailey -

Thanks - I like the look of that. I can always cut it short at Seatoller if I'm struggling as lifts may be available. I'll be off next week so we'll see how it goes!
plyometrics - on 31 May 2017
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+1 for Old County Tops, with a wild camp by the river in Mosedale.
steveriley - on 31 May 2017
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I'd give the Old County Tops as a similar-ish day to the Welsh 3000s but with less ascent. Points added on for more bog and off piste to balance. BUt of course you're missing the tempting 3000er up at the top
aucuparia - on 20 Jun 2017
I did this

tweaked slightly to come off Skiddaw via Sale How to add variety, and took in all the tops that were very near the route around Scafell Pike (Great End, Ill Crag, Broad Crag, etc). Had to stop short at the Honister Pass - terrible weather had slowed me down a lot. But still a great walk. I'd say as far as Honister is about the same difficulty as the Welsh 3000s.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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