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Ben Sharp 20 May 2019

Has anyone used this that could give me a few pointers. I'm looking to bulk buy some things at work but I've never used it before and wondered if anyone could advise me on the best way to work out a final cost or offer any other tips.

We purchased things from china already but have only worked with one manufacturer buying higher value bulk items and they deal with pretty much everything for us. The stuff I'm looking at on AB is smaller orders of lower value items, roughly quantities of 100-200 smallish items. If it makes a difference then things like arrows, buoyancy aids, swimming caps, camp beds, some branded some not.

I think I understand the basics of finding a reputable seller and negotiating with them to get a price to port but I understand once you have this cost there will then be transport fees from the UK port to the destination and then presumably there is duty to pay (not sure how this is done).

Is there a way to get a rough idea of these additional costs before going too far down the line to see if it will be worth pursuing?  The costs of the items I've been looking at so far are about 25-50% of the price you can get them in the uk already so I would like to get an idea of the extra costs involved before spending too much time getting prices from manufacturers.

jimtitt 20 May 2019
In reply to Ben Sharp:

Duty applicable on the CIF value, VAT on the total. Customs/freight agent fee this side. Depending on the product either CE marking/testing in Europe or transferring the (translated if needed) technical file to a notified body in Europe.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.