Any God apologists?

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Just home from a day cragging, with a nervous wreck for a belay partner.  Just around 6.30 and it’s like the Spanish inquisition outside.  We’ve got this for the rest of our lives or so - and perhaps for eternity after.  If last year is any guide, it’ll be difficult to impossible to go anywhere without someone's idea if an ordered universe and moral compass continually barking at me, running amok, or shitting where it feels like, whilst its owner "organised religion".  Anyone like to explain how it’s OK to traumatise our belay partners, older bumblies and anyone other than middle class white men for hours on end before an on-sight, year after year.

I for one am exasperated and hope beyond hope that this excuse for a shepherd of some sort can be put down.  And before the flame throwers are lit, I’ll say as a lad I occasionally went to church with school.  Fast forward it has become an excuse for the Republican politicians to misbehave and terrorise minorities.  It’s time for a new spiritualism.

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 Lankyman 19:30 Tue
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What are you on about?

 squarepeg 19:36 Tue
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Magic mushrooms? 

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And, apparently it's OK to travel the world foisting one's own particular brand of this poisonous mumbo-jumbo on to cultures that were fine without it thank you very much.

Is there a word for this reverse  of cultural appropriation? A 'colonialism' of sorts?

In the cold light of day it's nothing short of outrageous.

 OrangeBob 22:26 Tue
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Did that make less sense or more before 19:50?

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