/ Best travel money for Thailand and Cambodia?

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LastBoyScout on 07 Feb 2013
Yes, this should probably be in the destinations or expeditions forums, but though more people would see it here.

Anyway, I'm off to Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand in 2 weeks and was wondering the best travel money to take.

I can order Thai Baht before I go, it's just a case of how much I'd need for about 10 days for food, drinks and souvenirs - accommodation is already paid for.

Cambodia is trickier - it's a closed currency, so can't get any Riel until I get there. I'll only need enough for a bit of food, drinks and souvenirs for 6 days, as the rest is paid for already. However, I've heard that they prefer US dollars, so the options are to either take Sterling and change at the airport, or just take dollars and use them.

Does Thailand accept dollars and would there be any point just taking them instead of Baht?

Any advice appreciated.
pawelx - on 07 Feb 2013
In reply to LastBoyScout: don't order either Bhat or Riel in Europe. Dollars are widely accepted in Cambodia, change is normally given in dollars, too, unless it's a really small amount. Cash machines (ATMs) dispense dollars. I would just take a debit card with me.

In thailand, I always paid Bhat, and I got bhat from ATMs. Perhaps for really large purchases, I mean 200 USD or more, it would be different.

In general, I would just take my debit card, as I've always done.
Ordering "exotic" currencies in Europe is always very expensive due to the bid-offer spread on exchange rates.
pawelx - on 07 Feb 2013
In reply to LastBoyScout: and I'm not sure if Sterling would be accepted. So either take your debit card, or get some dollars while in the UK.

If you really don't want to arrive without any notes in your pocket, I would exchange sterling into 50 or 100 dollars in the UK, then use my debit/credit cards while there.
LastBoyScout on 07 Feb 2013
In reply to pawelx:

Think I've got a few dollars at home, but interesting conversation with lady from Halifax and checking on Money Saving Expert suggests withdrawing on my Clarity credit card when I get there will be cheapest and then I only need withdraw as much as we need at the time and pay on card for meals and so on.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.