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Citroen C3 Picasso 1.6l HDi - 8V or 16V?

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Sorry for a new thread about "my next car" but the older one was archived after a lot of very useful and helpful replies

I am almost certainly going to buy one of these cares in the next ten days. 

I have a vague recollection of reading (on some random Internet thing!) that even with specifying the post-2009 (i.e. 2010 onward) 1.6 HDi with 90 bhp ( no DMF) you still have to watch out for number of valves, with 8 being preferable as long as you will drive in a "humble" manner, and 16V being potentially more troublesome but I can not find the review that suggested this, now! I am fairly willing to gamble on it making little difference in terms of "risk", given that my searches flagged up nothing horrific, but it's always useful to ask on here too. Thank in advance! 

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"Cares"? CARS!
"Thank"? THANKS

 Timmd 31 Jul 2020
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> "Cares"? CARS!

> "Thank"? THANKS

Ha ha. 

 bearman68 31 Jul 2020
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The 90 bhp has a waste gate turbo, whereas the 110 has a variable vane. As a general rule, the variable vane turbo tends to be more troublesome over a long period of time as the variable bit tends to stick with soot and old oil from the EGR valve. This will tend to make it over or under boost, and go into limp mode. 

I think it's only the turbo and the tuning that are different between the 2 engines.

What I would say, is the PSA revamped the very very troublesome 1.6 DV6 engine around 2009 / 2010, to a much more robust and reliable unit - also called the DV6. The difference is the troublesome one has the injectors very prominently displayed at the front of the engine. These are the ones to avoid. (You may need to remove the engine cover to see). The more robust engine it's much more difficult to see the injectors, and they are mounted at the back of the unit. 

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Thanks...where does the number of valves come into this though? 

It looks very much like I am getting an 11-plate model, 90bhp. 
This is a picture of the engine from a 2010 that I looked at. 
Am I right in thinking that the injectors are not visible here, and if the 2011 one is the same, I'll be dandy? (from your reply it sounds like 2011 is a dead cert to be the DV6)

Cheers! (and to be honest if I can get a decent price today I think I'll just buy it!)


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 Mlewis 31 Jul 2020
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I think the 8v is the newer version of the engine. I believe they have more torque than the original 16v. 

I would assume the 8 is better than the 16 otherwise they wouldn't have changed. However, I would personally avoid buying the first of the new engine as it may have some minor issues that were resolved in after a few months. (Not sure when they changed from 16v to 8v)

Edit - I think the picture is the 8v, fuel filter on the left hand side of the engine.

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Thank you! I am taking the plunge and just buying this car  

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