/ Cuban missile crisis re-enacted by Teletubbies

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no_more_scotch_eggs - on 15 Mar 2019

Marina Hyde has to be the most savagely accurate political sketch writer around, and she’s at the top of her game here


We focus so much on what divides parliament’s warring Brexit factions, when almost all of them are united by the guiding principle of brinkmanship: “Eventually someone will stop acting like a shit, but it certainly won’t be me.” The past few days have been like watching the Cuban missile crisis re-enacted by the Teletubbies.

Every cloud, they say, and in this case the silver lining is the mother lode of raw materials for sketch writers to work with...

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no_more_scotch_eggs - on 16 Mar 2019
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And John Crace on form this week too- 


not quite as ascerbic as Hyde but a similar gift for skewering their subjects

any suggestions for other political sketch writers worth taking a look at to lighten the gloom...?

BnB - on 16 Mar 2019
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If you’d like your satire mixed with exceptional insight into the true intentions of May, Corbyn et al, then Robert Shrimsley in the FT is your man. Here, he channels Boris:

“Now, when we look at the prime minister’s deal, many of us have rightly criticised this mouse of a Brexit, this craven, feeble sellout, this sham Brexit, this betrayal. But now I must tell you, my friends, that after great soul-searching I have concluded that it may yet be the right craven, feeble, sham Brexit. This deal is not, we know, the Brexit we wanted. But it is therefore a Brexit for which we cannot be blamed.”

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