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Is it driving anyone else nuts or is it just me? 

Can't read with that flickering trippy green flashing going on. Have to cover it over with another window. Please hasten the ad rotation along ukc. I'm already close to vowing never to buy anything from them because it's so irritating...

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In reply to Longsufferingropeholder:

Hi, could you let me know what device/browser you're using please? The Boreal ads are small MP4 videos, even tho they are static slide shows instead of moving images. It sounds like device isn't decoding them properly.

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In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

I don't know that it's rendering wrong, it looks like it's doing what it's supposed to. I see it in chrome on windows and linux and a chrome-derived browser on android. It's masquerading as but that's clearly not where the animation lives.

Edit: it's nothing technologically out of the ordinary, just another flickering animated banner ad, but the colours they've chosen are especially annoying and much more irritating than all the others.

Edit again: followed the trail of crumbs and found it's this one that I'd like to burn with fire. It's working fine, and that's the (well, my) problem. 

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The 1px.gif is a transparent image that covers the ads and has the link on it.

It sounded like you device didn't support the codec used on the video. I've seen this before with green artifacts appearing all over the place.

That particular ad does change between the slides a little fast. I'll see what I can do.

In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

It definitely supports the video. Plays fine. Like I say, nothing technically gone wrong; please don't spend time looking for issues. I just find that ad intensely irritating when I'm trying to read something near it and wondered if it's just me.
Fully expecting the answer to be along the lines of "sorry you feel that way", but maybe just maybe they'll listen for next time.

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 Marek 13 Oct 2023
In reply to Longsufferingropeholder:

Many years ago, when people started writing HTML code, it quickly became "poor web page design" to use flashing elements - the <blink> tag was soon deprecated and not supported. Precisely because it was shown to be more annoying than helpful. It's a pity that lesson has been forgotten.

 gribble 13 Oct 2023
In reply to Longsufferingropeholder:

It's exactly that type of ad that encourages the use of ad blockers. Net result, other advertisers get blocked. Possibly not good for site revenue? Perhaps ukc might want to consider that when deciding to show flashing ads. 

In reply to gribble:

Well, quite. I specifically whitelist UKC but the really annoying examples like this have me hovering over that button.

In reply to Longsufferingropeholder:

We appreciate you turning off the ad block. I feel the level of banner ads on UKC is pretty low versus a lot of other sites relying on ads for income.

I've replaced it with this one:

It's the same content but it doesn't change between the slides anywhere near as quick.

I'll check the rest of the Boreal set today.

In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

That is slightly better but I still can't promise it'll get to stay in my field of view. 

You're right, the percentage is pretty low, relatively. But I'm not gonna lie, like gribble says when they're animated it can still sometimes drive me to hit reader mode. 
The static ones I'm fine with though. They are no bother at all and usually are relevant and appropriate and on occasion have sold me stuff.

 john arran 13 Oct 2023
In reply to Longsufferingropeholder:

I think the problem isn't so much that it's changing, nor really the rate of change. Such things invite you to divert your attention but to a degree that can by resisted once you've decided otherwise.

I think it's the sudden extreme contrast change that makes this ad stand out; it seems to demand your attention rather than just invite you to look.

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