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Wendy Watthews - on 13 Jun 2017
I've been offered a new job that I am minded to take in Leeds. I would be working for a renewables consultancy in Headingley. Can anyone tell me what it is like to live and climb there? I'm currently in Bristol and enjoy the scene here and being able to get out in the gorge or elsewhere post work. I'm not sure how much I like the grit but being close to the lakes and north wales plus Scotland for a bit of winter would be a bonus. So Leeds what is it like?
lummox - on 13 Jun 2017
In reply to Wendy Watthews:

Caveat- I haven't lived in Headingley for years but : lots of rental accommodation, restaurants, cafes/bars. Very close to town with all that brings. You can be out of work and at Caley in 15 mins. If you don't take to the grit (???!!!!) you can be on high quality limestone within the hour.
BFG on 13 Jun 2017
In reply to Wendy Watthews:

Ayup, I moved to Leeds about five months ago from Bristol (hint: still need climbing partners myself :P) and, in lieu of someone more experienced responding, I can add a bit:

Headingley is kind of a student area, but if you look to moving slightly north of it (Meanwood or Chapel Allerton), you will - at most - have a couple of miles to commute and have a significantly quieter place to live.

I'm a big fan of the city, occasionally refer to it as a Northern Bristol, similar sort of size and demographics. Big local climbing populace. From Meanwood / Headingley you can get to Caley or Almscliff in 15 mins by car. It's not quite the 10 min cycle to the gorge but it's pretty good. I've not tried the limestone up here yet but Malham is famously accessible from Leeds.

I can get to the Lakes in two hours (Keswick) assuming the traffic isn't too bad. Not tried getting to North Wales yet.

On climbing walls; you've got 'The Leeds Wall' which I'm pretty sure is the only sport climbing centre here (if I'm wrong someone please correct me) and a fair number of bouldering walls; 'The Depot', 'The Climbing Lab' and 'City Bloc' are the most frequently recommended. All of these are easily accessible by bike from Headingley - The climbing Lab will likely be a 10 min roll downhill from your work.

Is there any more specific information you were after?
afx22 - on 13 Jun 2017
In reply to Wendy Watthews:
I moved to south Leeds six years ago and wish I'd have moved sooner. It's a great city. Only downside is that traffic can be a pain when trying to get out climbing in rush hour.

As mentioned above, Caley and Almscliff are easy to get to from North Leeds but if you explore, there's are a lifetime of crags within an hour or so, especially if you like bouldering (Shipley Glen, Slipstones, Widdop and so many more).

I can get to Stanage or Burbage in the Peak in just over an hour and then there are loads of Lancashire crags just along the M62.
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