Outdoor Ed and School Trip Funding Sources

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 Sharp 29 Nov 2023

Does anyone know of any sources of funding for supporting schools/pupils to take part in residential or activity day trips? Either available to individuals or teachers to apply for? 

 Paul at work 30 Nov 2023
In reply to Sharp:

The pupil premium? 

There are some very specific rules around what a school can charge for or not, especially if the activity is something that forms part of the curriculum. 

 philipivan 30 Nov 2023
In reply to Sharp:

Our primary school always says that they will support parents with costs if they are struggling. Also I feel that the costs are pretty reasonable for the outdoor centre they normally go to, Mount Cook nr Wirksworth. 

 Luke90 30 Nov 2023
In reply to Sharp:

It's a question worth asking around about locally as well. There can be some very local funding sources where someone left a load of money to their parish council to support young people from their village going on trips or something like that. The local education authority might be worth asking, they have people who are regularly involved in overseeing the planning of trips.

 RobAJones 30 Nov 2023
In reply to Sharp:

Not sure if this is applicable as my experience is England based and your profile puts you in Scotland, where things could be very different.

It used to be the LEA. Since there demise it now seems to rely mainly on local charities. Cumbria did have a push a few years ago to fund DoE place for disadvantaged students. There are some national organisations. I have used a company called M7E(?) but if I remember correctly over half the students on the trip had to be pupils premium. 

 Sealwife 30 Nov 2023
In reply to Sharp:

Community Councils sometimes help out with funding school trips, also contact your local authority.  Ours administers trusts and bequests where there’s been money left to help out with the funding of such things.

In addition to this, some local businesses can be approached for sponsorship.

And, there’s always a raffle!

 Lrunner 30 Nov 2023
In reply to Sharp:

The outward bound trust heavily subserdises trips from schools from less economically privileged areas during their quieter winter months. When I worked there some kids and schools came for very low fees. I can't remember exactly by how much, but the charity funds but they pay for a large percentage of the 

Amazing charity too whose courses are ace.

Please phone them and enquire their courses are genuinely life changing and they want their centres full. I ran some courses for the poorest of kids and they paid very little if anything to attend.

A real privilege to do the work

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 Sarah Byrne 02 Dec 2023
In reply to Sharp:

You might try Alpkit, they have a funding pot that you can bid for, here you go and other businesses eg Patagonia, Aviva.    

The Alpkit Foundation make small awards to people, groups and schools that work to remove the barriers in getting outdoors and experience wild places.

They want to support:

Diversity and Inclusion Projects that engage individual and groups from a diverse range of backgrounds
Environmental Projects that seek to support, conserve, or generate understanding of our environment and wild places
Health Projects enabling people to gain physical and mental wellbeing from the Great Outdoors
Education Projects such as First Aid, D of E, Forest Schools and Mountain Leader
Participation Projects that get more people experiencing the Great Outdoors

Hope that helps, it's all about putting together a good bid. If you need any more info feel free to message 

 Mick Bradshaw 07 Dec 2023
In reply to Sharp:

YHA have a bursary scheme (with eligibility criteria);

There's also a list of potential sources on the LOTC website;

 andi turner 10 Dec 2023
In reply to Sharp:

Potentially you could access the Lee Bowyer fund via the BMC. I've used this before for students who struggled.

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