Possibly the most random It request ever

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I have a specific problem (okay I have lots but most no one can help with). I keep a chrome book in my van and log in to our work server from site using a remote desktop app.

Our server runs thin client.

I can't copy and paste from a excel spread sheet to any other document be it another spread sheet, word doc, email or Web site but I can copy and paste within the same document.

But if I log on to the same server with my laptop in my office I can copy and paste as normal, I can even copy on the server, log out and paste to a document saved on the hard drive of my laptop.

I have tried googling this but had no joy at all.

UKC is as we know a font of all known knowledge so can anyone explain (in simple terms) what is wrong and advise if I can fix it? 

 freeflyer 21 Jul 2021
In reply to Dax H:

I have a (big) customer with a very similar problem which they haven't resolved, but perhaps it will be something simple.

Look for the settings in your remote desktop, and there should be a way to enable the clipboard to work remotely. Below is what the MS version looks like.

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In reply to freeflyer:

I will try that in the morning thanks. 

 Jack B 21 Jul 2021
In reply to Dax H:

Hopefully Freeflyer's comment will fix it, but if not, check if you can copy and paste from other programs (Word, Notepad...).  Excel can be a bit... odd about cut/copy/paste. Sometimes I have to copy-paste-delete instead of cut-paste so it might be worth trying cut-paste-undo instead of copy-paste.

 Andy Hardy 21 Jul 2021
In reply to Dax H:

Not that I'm doing anything as fancy as logging in to remote servers but I sometimes find that I have to use ctrl-c / ctrl-v instead of the icons or vice versa (mainly going to / from spreadsheet to / from programming software) I can tell when it's playing silly buggers if I right click on the spreadsheet cell and the paste option isn't there.

In reply to Andy Hardy:

Another vote for trying ctrl-c and ctrl-v.

 JimR 22 Jul 2021
In reply to Dax H:

Sounds like some sort of permissions issue with your work and personal laptops having different statuses 

In reply to Jack B:

I will try that as well thank you.

I can copy from word or outlook no problem, I can copy in to excel too. I can also copy within an excel document. I just can't copy from one document to another.

Control C is a very good shout. 

In reply to Andy Hardy:

That is exactly what happens, no past icon once I leave the original sheet.

I will try the control c control V. 

In reply to Dax H:

Look at freeflyers post above but remember that the problem you described is that copy/paste is a problem on your Chromebook. You need to check which RDP client you have on Chromebook (can you update the RDP client app?) so you are looking for equivalent settings there.

Maybe stating the obvious.. but ask your IT people!

Good luck

In reply to JimR:

I have spoken to my It guy and and all my devices have the same permissions.

Thanks all, I'm on site early today but I'm going to try the control c control V as soon as I get clear of the meeting. 

 yorkshire_lad2 23 Jul 2021
In reply to Dax H:

I sometimes see similar inconsistencies with copy/paste when working on a remote client machine.  Along with all the other things mentioned on this thread, especially control+c and control+v, I sometimes find that pasting into notepad first will work.  I don't know what, but it sorts the problem.

e.g. copy the info on machine A, move to machine B, copy into application (e.g. Excel) doesn't work.  Copy into e.g. notepad does work, so copy/paste in notepad, then paste into e.g. Excel.  It's not perfect, and will take out any formatting, but it sorts the problem, which is all that is really usually needs.

In reply to Dax H:

I wonder if it's a format issue.

Copying to a remote clipboard isn't that simple, there's a negotiation where the client will tell the server/app its supported formats and the server/app will tell the client its and they'll negotiate a shared format. I wonder if your Chromebook doesn't support excel and it's stopping it working.

It might sound weird but you could try disabling remote clipboard and see if that fixes the issue. It'll mean you can't copy and paste to your Chromebook but it might fix copy and paste in the remote session.

In reply to MeMeMe:

Sorry I didn't report back. Been mad busy and I forgot. 

Control C control V works perfectly. Strange that works but selecting from the right mouse button menu doesn't but I can do what I need to do and that's all that matters.

Thank you all for the advice. 

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