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jameswoodman1 - on 01 Aug 2013
Having recently graduated, like many others I am now on the dreaded job hunt. Over the last month or so along with applying for numerous jobs I have also sent my details to a couple of recruitment agencies to see what they can find me.

This last week a job has popped up that I am very interested in and therefore I have applied directly. Only to get an immediate response from the employer saying that given my CV they would normally offer me an interview, however my details had already been forwarded to them by a recruitment agency, and because its a junior role and they are a small company they won't offer me an interview, because if they employ me obviously there are large costs they will have to pay to the recruitment agency. They stated however that if I can come to an agreement with the recruitment agency then they will reconsider offering me an interview.

I am a little bit confused by this response. The employer clearly can't have contracted the recruitment agency to fill the position, otherwise they would be willing to pay the costs and wouldn't have paid to separately advertise the role directly. Therefore if the employer hasn't specifically contracted the vacancy to the recruitment agency why is there a problem with not being able to ignore the recruitment agency and just proceed with my direct application?
elsewhere on 01 Aug 2013
In reply to jameswoodman1:
I'm guessing...

...the employer is abiding by a contract with the agency saying they must pay if they employ one of the agency's candidates for any role. This is to prevent a dishonest employer dodging agencies fees by saying they're taking on the candidate for another or more junior role.

It sound like that by supplying CV to agency the applicant may be excluded from some direct applications for other role.

Speak to the employer and/or agency, it may not work but I doubt it will do any harm. The agency may want to keep your and the employer's goodwill.

Tomorrow I'm due to speak to a recruitment agency tomorrow about graduate recruitment so I'm interested in this and any other pitfalls. Are there any other aspects I should be wary of.

Bob kate bob on 01 Aug 2013
In reply to jameswoodman1: I have had similar issues in the past.

What it comes down to is, did you ask the agency to put your CV in for either this job, or did you ask them to put your CV in for any job without contacting you first?

If the answer is no to both those questions then get back to the employer to tell them that you did not authorise the agent to represent you for this job and you should be able to go directly to the employer.

The agent is pulling a fast one if both answers are no. Give them a phone and politely tell them to drop it. Point out to them that employers do not like underhanded agents and they could be running the risk of the employer not using them again.

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