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First one today. Also: a dozen or so curlew early morning - very unusual. Yellowhammer, tawny owl, loads roe deer. Cracking view of singing song thrush. A fly over of a pair of geese - one each of Canada and greylag (?). Loads goldfinch yesterday and three herons straight over head. Buzzards and two Sparrowhawks. Wood violets and usual woodland flowers. Red admiral in the garden. Chiffchaffs galore. 

Oh, treecreeper this morning spiralling it’s way past the owl.  

Hares, two males chasing but not boxing. 

Roe photo: The other roe buck snuggled next to its brother and chilled.  Didn’t get many photos - not easy with a springer spaniel in tow and I never try and get too close - hate it when I disturb them.

Isn’t nature brilliant !!

 Tringa 04 Apr 2021
In reply to willgriggsonfire:

Yes, the year is starting to crack on. The first skylark I heard was in mid February but now there is a lot of singing over some nearby rough grass. Collard doves are mating in the back garden, eventually we have some frog spawn in the pond(though it doesn't seem to be developing very well), a pair of crows are doing well with a nest in a tree in the local cemetery.

In the last week or so the trail camera in the back garden has caught a hedgehog most nights and two hogs on one night.

All looking good


Good shot of the deer. I have managed a few shots over the years but usually their senses being permanently turned up to 11 alert them very early and they melt into the undergrowth.

 wercat 04 Apr 2021
In reply to Tringa:

I'm lucky enough to hear skylarks in practically every month of the year (perhaps I've been listening more carefully than I used to) but they are certainly getting very busy now. A delight to hear and see.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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