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toad - on 11 Jan 2018

I can do facebook, forums (obvs!) As well as being fofced into WhatsApp, but ive never really got the hang of twitter.

Do you just use it for links to interesting things by people you are interested in, pithy bon mots/tedious nonsense, or is there something im missing. Several people i know seem to use it all the time and occasionally hassle me about it, but ive never really got to grips.

So just another distraction or a useful new media tool?

ClimberEd - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to toad:

I had nothing to do with it for yonks as I had no need.

Then when I started trading again I used it for the big trading community on it that posts news,info etc and it is invaluable for that. 

So I think you can swim around aimlessly on it as a time waster, or use it in a focused manner as an information resource. 


Chris the Tall - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to toad:

I find it quite useful as a news source - particularly if your interest are away from the mainstream - in my case things like non-league football and cycling. I follow a few bands who I've seen and who aren't quite big enough to get national airplay - good way of finding out if they have new material or are doing gigs. 

Rarely post anything myself, but there is a very useful feed for conditions reports for peak district mountain biking (@koftheP) which I regularly contribute to.

Apparently I have a grand total of 93 followers, but I suspect only a dozen of those are human


Yanis Nayu - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to toad:

I quite like it. It’s good for keeping up to date with your interests, gives you access to interesting people, is good for a laugh etc,  but all with the caveat that you need to follow the right people. 

Pursued by a bear - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to toad:

It's a useful tool for two things.

It's great for corporate communications.  If you have stakeholders, or if you are or see yourself as a stakeholder, then it's good for keeping in touch.

If you are one of the seemingly infinite number of internet-enabled monkeys who would like to believe that your worthless opinions count for something and that you think mistakenly that you aren't just screaming them into a void of never-ending emptiness, then it's a good way of fooling yourself.

Otherwise, can't see the point.


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.