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mypyrex - on 12 Jul 2017
Just wondering which documents others take with them. I bought insurance on line a couple of months ago and received everything by email. There are about forty pages!(which I don't really want stuffed in my rucksack)

I would assume that as long as I have a record of the policy number together with contact 'phone numbers I don't really need to carry anything else as long as I leave the policy at home with a responsible person. This relates to basic travel insurance. My SAR insurance is with the AAC.
Fraser on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to mypyrex:

I'd agree with what you suggest. I used to take hard copies of such documents with me but generally only take e-docs now. Having said that, I do still take a hard copy in my wallet of reference numbers etc in car my mobile goes missing /gets stolen.
simon c on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to mypyrex:
I just pop them into a dropbox account and also forward them by email onto my wife so they are in two seperate accesable locations and also take a physical note of reference/ contact numbers etc with me. I dont carry any physical documents other than that. I also load them as a pdf and can access them from my iPhone.
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gethin_allen on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to simon c:

I usually take the cover note (the bit stating the person/s covered and the rough detail of cover etc.) with me in hard copy along with a photocopy of my passport back page and EHIC in case I lose the originals. So far I've been lucky enough not to need any of it and I hope to keep it that way.
simon c on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to gethin_allen:
good advice, thinking on it, I don't travel these days far from a wifi/ 4g etc for any length so going beyond that would be useful to do as you say.
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Jenny C on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to mypyrex: paper copy with policy number and contact details to claim in an emergency. Then email copies to my and myself and travel partners so we always have access in a worst case scenario. Also make sure I have an emailed copy of passport.

mypyrex - on 13 Jul 2017
In reply to all:
Thanks for all the useful suggestions. Another idea I had is, as well as taking abridged paper copies, to put emergency phone numbers in contacts on phone as well as having a note of the policy number on "Notes"
Thanks again
hokkyokusei - on 13 Jul 2017
In reply to mypyrex:

If you're taking a Kindle with you, copy all the docs into a pdf and store it there.
hokkyokusei - on 13 Jul 2017
In reply to mypyrex:

As well as storing stuff on my Kindle, I usually put all the important phone/account numbers on a small piece of paper and laminate it.
deanr - on 13 Jul 2017
In reply to mypyrex:
you only need the phone number. They can verify you by your name, address and DOB.
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mypyrex - on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to All:

Just received this morning:

"Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay in responding.

Yes, it would be perfectly acceptable to simply make note of your policy number and emergency medical assistance number to take with you when you travel.

You could also simply take with you just the Certificate of Insurance which lists policy number, name of person(s) insured, dates of cover etc.

We can also arrange for a copy of your policy documents to be emailed to you so you have an online copy which you could have access to.

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us,."

From InsuranceWith

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