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mff513 00:48 Fri

does anyone have a design ready to be manufactured and installed yet? it seems as if we are running out of time and options, we have JCB and dyson both designing ventilators but neither are even close to the testing phase and are still in the late design/early prototype stage. i did see various protos being shown on the tv these seemed simple and worked by using a motor and a linear actuator to compress a bag valve mask and another using compressed air to pressurize a box containing the bag valve mask.  

digby 09:51 Sat
In reply to mff513:

There are existing manufacturers of ventilators. From what I've seen on the news no-one's contacted them (or at least the ones that phone up the BBC) to make more. Then there's the "...oh we must have missed that email" as the government fails to join with the £500 million EU 'let's get lots of ventilators' initiative so avoiding paying Dyson his usual over inflated prices. 

But then I'm a terrible cynic. 

Offwidth 10:26 Sat
In reply to digby:

New open source design with 'off-the-shelf' parts at about a tenth of the standard ventilator cost. It was demo'd on BBC Click this am.


Could be a game changer when things hit the 3rd world.

Luke90 10:37 Sat
In reply to mff513:

In the states, various high-profile manufacturers (mostly of cars) are taking the approach of teaming up with existing ventilator makers. Either to use the big manufacturer's buying power and supply chain contacts/experience to help the ventilator makers scale up their own production or to use the designs and expertise of the ventilator makers to manufacture in the big player's facilities. Both those approaches seem much more sensible than starting a new design. (With the possible exception of the very simplified designs some have mooted. Though if such simplicity is sufficient to do the job, I do wonder why they weren't already a thing. Maybe there's something special about the needs of people in this situation that makes a simpler version enough?)

durisl 11:02 Sat
In reply to mff513:

Yes, my employer (who are keeping quiet about this so I won't name) have reversed engineered an existing design have already produced the first 100 for testing and are looking to produce 1000 a day from Monday. 

So it is happening but not all companies are feeling the need to announce it from the rooftops like Mr Dyson.

Mr Lopez 12:13 Sat
In reply to Luke90:

> In the states, various high-profile manufacturers (mostly of cars) are taking the approach of teaming up with existing ventilator makers. (...)

Similarly over here.

 There's a big group of manufacturers working along a current ventilator producer to upscale the production of their exsting device which should start the production rolling by Monday if what i read is correct.

 Not a lot of details as i assume they are concentrating on getting this done rather than pushing out press releases, but from what i could gather the OG maker has freely provided all available specs/drawings/details for the devices and it's supporting and advising along with a range of medical boffins.

  The participants are grouped into industry groups so they can concentrate in supporting with their particular expertise. 

 There's a group of F1 teams led by McLaren under the name Project Pitlane, a group of large scale manufacturers led by Nissan, and a group of aerospace manufacturing and engineering firms led by Meggitt, all pooling their resources and working together under the name Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium.

Some of the names i could find in a quick google are:

GKN, Siemens, Airbus, Renishaw, Rolls Royce; BAE Systems, Microsoft, Thales, Unilever, Nissan, Meggitt, McLaren, Aston Martin, Red Bull, BWT Racing Point, Haas,  Mercedes-AMG Petronas, Renault DP World  ROKiT Williams.

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