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will bands be less likely to come to the UK

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 PaulW 12 Jan 2021

There have been a few news items recently about how much more difficult it will be for Uk musicians to tour Europe with all the extra admin hassle. They feel let down by the deal as it stands.

Big headline acts won't be a problem, more concerning for smaller new artists trying to build an audience.

I was wondering if it would apply in reverse, if European bands will become more reluctant to tour here and stay within the EU.

Also perhaps whether bands from the US, contemplating a European tour may be more tempted to just skip the UK legs rather than deal with the extra paperwork. I hope not, I enjoy seeking out live music before it becomes well known but I fear there will be less to enjoy

 The Lemming 12 Jan 2021
In reply to PaulW:

Money talks.

Bands will follow the money.

In reply to PaulW:

I very much doubt it.  Bands are used to applying for visas for tours.

It's not a great situation and completely unnecessary even with Brexit a given, but it's not going to stop people to any great extent.

 Rob Naylor 12 Jan 2021
In reply to Neil Williams:

I think it will as far as touring Europe is concerned. I know a number of good bands with a small but growing following who have been touring Europe for a couple of years, but staying away from countries where they would need a visa, due to the marginal profitability being further eroded by visa costs. Several have indicated that they probably won't now be able to afford to tour in Europe.

As PaulW says, established bands/ acts with large followings will have no issues....they "have people to take care of all that" but newer bands who are used to European tours to help start building a following will struggle.

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